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Cat-2000 Floor Models

CAT-2000's cat tree has lots of different places where your cat can play or hide away. Your pet is bound to discover the perfect place to chill out. This lovely cat tree is made from premium quality natural materials. It is suitable for larger cat families and there is plenty to keep them all amused. The beautiful woven water hyacinth elements turn this cat tree into an elegant piece of furniture which fits in perfectly with your décor sofa or bed. The comfortable platforms and sleeping den are covered in cozy plush to keep your cat warm and they are the perfect place to curl up and snooze. The base is made from solid Ply wood so the cat tree is very good stable. The various posts are 100% sisal mat-covered so your cat can enjoy lengthy claw-scratching sessions and if this is not enough there are also cute little toys dangling from the platforms. Please note as a safety measure we recommend the purchase of the wall bracket to secure cat tree. This supports and prevents the accidental tipping of the cat tree.

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